Undated Letter from Tim Lynch’s Daughter to Tim Lynch

Page 1

Main St
My dear daddie
I hope you are
well you will
please forgive me for
not writing sooner
I had a nice time
on holidays auntie
was very nice to
me she gave me

Pages 2 and 3

a nice new dress
and shoes I was
lonely coming home
we are all going
school again. We
are getting on well
with our language
we are teaching
Pearse also he
must learn as it
must be taught
and spoken

please god daddie
you will soon be
home with us soon
and we will be
happy again
The time seems
so lonely without
you we pray that
God may soon
Grant us freedom

Page 4

I will not
say good by
( Unknown) more
(Unknown Name) Lynch
XXXXX from
Tadg Pearse