Undated Letter from Ned to Tim Lynch

No 1 Main St
My Dear Tim
I received your much welcome letter
on Saturday and was very glad to learn you are in such
form. I was sorry I could not let you know the result of
trial on yesterday, they were sentenced to 14 months and default
of bail 3 extra months, all here are surprised at such
a clip
Well Tim about tickets we sold any amount of them
at races and in town, we look on the responsibility of selling
them in your absence as liking it to be very wanting
in our part if we were waiting for you, hope you will be
with us for raffle
I know you will be sorry to learn
that Jim (H O’Clancy?) is leaving us, he is going to
Kilkenny, we will not let Donovan off so easy
all the boys are in the best of form
nothing strange in town Excuse haste in hurry
for post
Yours as ever

Back of the letter contains a note “Was speaking with (unknown name) they are in the best of form”