Photograph of Irish Free State Soldiers at Borris House, County Carlow, during the Irish Civil War

This photograph was taken during the Irish Civil War, and pictures thirteen Irish Free State Soldiers. Also seen in the photograph is a Lewis Gun, which was a machine gun adopted by the Irish Free State Army during the Irish Civil War. The photograph appears to have been taken in front of the gates of Borris House in County Carlow.  Borris House was the home of the McMorrough Kavanaghs, who were the high kings of Leinster.  The house is still a living, working Irish estate with the 16th generation of Kavanaghs currently residing on the property.[1]

Inscription on the bottom of the photo reads “Some South Co Dublin Pals”

The photograph was taken and printed by Joseph Kissane, LTD, Chemists. Also printed on the back of the photo is “Graig-Na-Manach,” which is a town in County Kilkenny. This means the Joseph Kissane, LTD, Chemists, was likely located in Graig Na Manach, County Kilkenny.

*We are hoping to find out more information on this photo. If you recognize anyone as a relative or have any additional information, please contact us.



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