October 1921 Letter from (unknown) to Tim Lynch

Page 1

Oct (date scratched off but possible 18th) 1921
My Dearest Tym
I am sure a
line from me will surprise
you. I always thought
you could only receive
one letter a week until Moll
told me the other day
Hanna (and) self met her in
Cork she is fine and in great
health. TY I was glad to see her

Page 2

Well Tym when are you
coming home the time
is at hand when ye must
be released TY I hope you
are in good health alas all
the (unknown name) boys and all it
is a great blessing for
ye the weather is not too
cold as I am sure the
calls are not very comfortable
I am sure you will be
Surprised to hear Jack
is going back to Singers

Page 3

again but he thinks
he won’t stick it very
long as there are very
little sales to be made
now. Well Tym I have
not one bit of news to tell
you David wishes to be
remembered to you all
The neighbors are continually
enquiring about you
they are all in Broomhill
Father Mother and Mary I think
It is young they are getting

Page 4

They are delighted with

Martins Mrs. she did not

make one bit of a change

There I am very happy

here and after a little time

the place will be very

nice I hope you will

come down soon to see

me I will wind up

now hoping to see you

in your usual good form

very soon your affection

(Unknown Name)

I send you on a cake and a

few puddings today