December 1920 Letter from Mrs. Lynch to Mr. R.A. Hegarty

Dear Mr. Hegarty – I am in receipt of your letter of December 10
conveying and expression of the councils sympathy on the arrest and impris-
-onment of my husband. Will you please inform the members of the
Council that I appreciate the spirit which has inspired
this kind message, and assure them on behalf of my husband that
any hardship inflicted on him, as well as his comrades in
prison, will be borne all the more cheerfully while knowing that
he has the sympathy and support of his collegues on the Kinsale
Urban Council. Believing with the late Lord Mayor of Cork
that “victory is not to those who can inflict most but to those
who can endure most” we can bear our trials sustained by the
confidence that the struggle for National Independence will
soon be brought to a successful issue.
again thanking the council
I am yours faithfully.