30 November 1920 Letter from Timothy Lynch to his wife Moll

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T. LYNCH NOV 30.20
My Dear Moll
I got parcel today
you did not send me any
clay pipes. You would please
send them the next time
I think that I have everything
else that I want
much as I would like to see
you I really think that it is
scarsely worth while you
coming to Cork for the short
time I would be allowed with
you. with reference to (Unknown Name)
he is to get an overcoat and
a pair of shoes he has paid

Page 2

for same. I ordered the coat
for him I think from the Express
(Unknown Name) Co. if same did not
come you had better get one
from Lyons and also the shoes
size 9 I think you would find
the bill of all he got from me
in the drawer or he will be
able to tell you himself the
price of coat and shoes
do not bother about (insurance?)
I was very sorry could not
see Miss O’Keane or Mrs. (Unknown Name)
yesterday owing to the lot of
people looking for visits. We
are allowed 2 visits every week
I had none this week so far
Best love to self and children
Miss O’Leary and Willie (2 unknown names)
(illegible writing) Lynch