29 March 1918 Letter from E.D. to Timothy Lynch

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Ballyrobin 29/3/18
Dear Mr. Lynch
Donovan’s trial lasted
hours it was a very interesting one
he had a warm reception in Middleton
all magistrates refused to have any
thing to do in the case but once
They were prewarned the police
had four Jesuits inspect the nails
would suit – but the right was 2 inches
too short. Donovan was the first caught
the Door and print measured both
held them up in court is caused
terrible excitement the left was
too long it made the job light

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Let me know particulars when
your case comes off if this reaches
you on Saturday write by return
as I wish to write home to some
friends. When I write home I
shall write longer and louder
good bye
until I see you again
your brother in arms

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“The English usurpation of
this country (?) our