20 June 1918 Timothy Lynch letter to His Wife Moll

Letter from Tim Lynch to Moll Lynch, written on very thin paper (likely toilet paper)

20 June 18
My Dear Moll
it was only to-
day that I got your last
letter you must have had
a time with the children
thank God ye are all well
again and everything going
on well
write me a letter next week
I may get it Say you want
to find out or know
something important. let
it be a long letter and tell
me all the news
I also got prayer books
last Sunday nearly time
I will try if possible
and get back to Cork
I saw Willie Hurley
the other day
myself and the lads are
fine they will be
leaving 19 next month
Remember me to
all your loving
to Mrs. Lynch
Main Street Kinsale
Co Cork